3-Dimensional Design

Real-life three dimensions, not on-screen 3D. Oh, foamcore. My first love, and what I was trained to do. Sadly the photos of the window displays I did for Six Shooter Records’ Queen Street store (for Jenn Grant’s “Echoes” and Christine Fellows’ “Nevertheless” CDs) have been lost, but here are some others.

Soundscapes record store window display for Whitehorse’s “Leave No Bridge Unburned” album. Assisted by Martin Tielli; installation assistance by MT and Sarah Sleeth. The typography and the couple on a motorcycle are from the album art by Jud Haynes. (Soundscapes, 572 College St, Toronto, Feb-Mar 2015)

Whitehorse display at Soundscapes

Airport model construction for the Whitehorse lyric video “Éphémère sans repère/Devil’s Got a Gun.” Designed by Martin Tielli, constructed by Martin and myself. View the video here.

Airport model for Whitehorse Video

Merchandise display for the Rheostatics “Fall Nationals” at the Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto. The dead Santa in the chimney is from a painting by Martin Tielli; that's his head in the fire, from the film “Black Widow.”

Rheostatics Merchandise Display

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