Music Packaging

I’ve worked on 70+ CD, vinyl and DVD packages over the years, the majority of those in the past 10 years. Clients include Six Shooter Records, the Orange Lounge Recording Company, Royal Wood, and many independent artists. Here is the art from some of my favourites.

David Baxter, “Patina” : For the cover of this album, I designed and hand carved the type out of a piece of cedar. It was “aged” by Brian Gravestock, and photographed by Jen Squires, who did all the photography.

Patina CD art

Luke Doucet, “Broken (and other rogue states)” : Design, layout and photo manipulation by CP. Photos by Anne Gillespie; illustration by Martin Tielli.

Broken CD art

Melissa McClelland, “Thumbelina's One Night Stand” : Design, layout and capital letter illustrations by CP; cover illustration and paintings by Martin Tielli.

Thumbelina CD art

Martin Tielli, “The Ghost of Danny Gross Part II” : Design, layout and typography by CP and Martin Tielli; paintings and illustration by Martin Tielli.

Danny Gross Part II CD art

Justin Hines, “Chasing Silver” : Design and layout by CP; original painting and drawings by Susan Weinreich; photography by Savanna Hines. The swirling colour pieces throughout the package were taken from Susan’s painting.

Chasing Silver CD art

Selected Album Credits:

Royal Wood: The Burning Bright, I Wish You Well, Live at the Grand (DVD), The Waiting, Lost and Found EP, A Good Enough Day
Rheostatics: 2067
Amelia Curran: They Promised You Mercy, Spectators, Hunter, Hunter
Justin Rutledge: The Early Widows, Man Descending, The Devil on a Bench in Stanley Park
Martin Tielli: The Ghost of Danny Gross Parts I and II
Oh Susanna: Sleepy Little Sailor, Johnstown
Melissa McClelland: Thumbelina's One Night Stand
Luke Doucet: Broken (and other rogue states), Foke Star EP
NQ Arbuckle: The Future Happens Anyway, XOK
Justin Hines: How We Fly, Chasing Silver, Sides
Bazil Donovan: Matinee
Danny Marks: Cities in Blue, A Friend in the Blues
David Baxter: Patina, Day and Age
Ryan Granville-Martin: Mouthparts and Wings
Peter Murray: Ants & Angels
Nick Buzz: A Quiet Evening at Home
Mike Plume: 8:30 Newfoundland
Mia Sheard: The Curse of the Vorus
Matty Powell: Kiss The City
Kathryn Rose: Something I Can Use
Joshua Cockerill: Animal Parts
Jenn Grant: Echoes
Greg Cockerill: Festuca
Fraser/Daley: The Whole Fam Damily, Fraser/Daley
Eric Lambier: Better Day
Clela Errington: More Love & Happiness
Atomic 7: Something for the Girl with Everything

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